Photographs of Gainford

Over 200 photographs of Gainford are available to view For many years I have collected old photographs of Gainford with the idea that one day I would publish a book of photographs with captions and descriptions of what is going on in each picture so as to preserve an insight into the past for posterity.
Too many photographs disappear when somebody dies or moves to another area and there is a clear out of a house. Not just photographs but old pictures, bills, advertisements and other ephemera and nine times out of ten they end up in a skip. Generally these are of little monetary value but to the local historian they are an insight into the soul of the village.

The most important photographs are the working pictures where something is happening, somebody is working, a bus is stopping to let people get on and off or a dustbin man is emptying the rubbish into the lorry. These unfortunately are the photographs we tend not to take but they end up as real gems thirty or more years later, and they show how people ran their lives. If you have any such photographs which could be loaned, scanned and returned, and then be featured on this website then e-mail me.

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